Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something you don't hear every day

Out canvassing last night, I was speaking to someone who had made her mind up who she was voting for on May 3rd.

"But there's only one reason I'm voting Labour", she said.

"Tony Blair. I think he's done a brilliant job, like we've had billions more for the health service. It's different from when the Conservatives were in, they never cared about people like us. I really don't want the Conservatives back. Tony Blair isn't perfect, but I think he honestly does his best."


At 10:02 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, if like me you do go out on the doorstep most weekends, you do hear it quite a lot. Of course, most of the Labour activists (ie people who sit around with their three mates at GC meetings) who consistently stick the knife in to Tony haven't spoken to a real voter in years, if ever. But of course they know best because the Guardian says Tony is a bad man.

At 10:18 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair to The Don, There's nobody I know who does more door knocking than him - if he doesn't hear this very often it's probably because not a lot of people say it to him on the doorstep, not because he doesn't knock on many doors.

I generally share anonymous' gripe that too many people snipe at Tony and Gordon within the Party without offering any kind of genuine alternative perspective on what they should be doing other than knee jerk easy responses of the type you might have read in a pamphlet by one of Michael Foot's less intelligent acolytes 30 years ago. Outdated, Irrelevant etc.

But the fact it that The Don never falls into that trap which is why I, for one, whilst wholeheartedly disagreeing with him on lots of the big issues of the day, always sit up and take notice when he says something.



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