Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The elections for the constituency reps on the Labour Party NEC are coming up, and I haven't really decided who to vote for. Any suggestions welcome.

Currently stream of consciousness thinking is as follows:

I'm definitely going to vote for Ann Black and Ellie Reeves. I've usually voted mostly Grassroots Alliance in the past and I thought it was quite funny that Walter Wolfgang got elected last time. I'm particularly interested in any good ideas about tactical voting to reduce the likelihood of Peter Kenyon getting elected. I thought it was a shame that John Wise Man, the left wing IT teacher from St Helen's, didn't end up standing!! And it is a bit harsh that the reward for Sonika Nirwal for standing aside last year to let Virendra Sharma be MP for Ealing Southall is that she gets possibly to go to NEC meetings for a couple of years.


At 5:12 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: "tactical voting to reduce the likelihood of Peter Kenyon getting elected" -

The best way to ensure this is to vote for anyone who is likely to compete with him for the last few places. That means not voting for people who will definitely get on (ie Ann Black, who will win by a mile) and not voting for people who will probably come last (from the number of nominations that probably means not voting for Azhar Ali and Deborah Gardiner).

In my view that means the best way of voting to reduce the chances of Peter Kenyon getting on would be to use all six votes for the following candidates:

Ellie Reeves
Peter Wheeler
Pete Willsman
Christine Shawcross
Mohammed Azam
Sonika Nirwal

(listed in likelihood of winning, imo)

You could argue that Ellie Reeves and Peter Wheeler are, like Ann Black, certain to be elected. If you accept this then you should vote for Deborah Gardiner and Azhar Ali instead of those two.

For the sake of impartiality, I shall also note that anyone wishing to stop one of these six candidates should follow the same logic and replace their name with that of Peter Kenyon.

There is an argument that this voting system both encourages tactical voting and makes some ballot papers worth more than others. It does, however, make speculation more interesting.


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