Friday, February 13, 2009

Landslide victory for Labour

Congratulations to Labour's newest councillor, Rohini Simbodyal, elected in Jubilee ward in Enfield:

"A LANDSLIDE victory for Labour has given the borough its youngest councillor.

AT just 21 Rohini Simbodyal triumphed at her first stab at a council election, gaining more than 50 per cent of the vote at yesterday's by-election.

Ms Simbodyal gained 1346 votes, almost 300 more than Conservative candidate Rick Deller.

But the other candidates lagged far behind.

Liberal Democrat Dawn Barnes, of Cricketers Close, Southgate gained 69 votes, Green candidate Douglas Coker, Foxwood Green Close, Enfield, got 60, UKIP's Madge Jones, of Greenwood Avenue, Enfield, walked away with 59 and Sarah McDonald, an Independent candidate who pulled out of the election after the ballot papers had been printed, attracted 41 votes."

Rohini grew up and went to school in the area, went out and met as many local people as possible and generally worked really hard during the election campaign. She'll be a great councillor and it shows what can be achieved even when the opinion polls aren't that clever for us nationally.


At 2:04 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pass on my congrats. I saw the excellent result but hadn't realised until your post that Rohini was the candidate. Well done all!


At 7:21 pm , Blogger Pete said...

What Manchester does today ...

Hyde Newton: Lab 1379, BNP 889, C 485, Lib Dem 172, Green 69, Ukip 33.

(May 2008 - Lab 1124, BNP 846, C 732, Lib Dem 376).

Lab hold. Swing 3.6% BNP to Lab.

Now this was with the BNP in second place - but look at the Cons & Lib Dem vote compared with last year.

Pete B


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