Monday, September 07, 2009

Question time

I don't watch 'Question Time' on the BBC, so find it hard to get that bothered about the fact that they are going to have Nick Griffin as one of the panellists. Whether or not you think the BNP should be taken on and defeated in debate is not really relevant to this discussion, as the format of Question Time seems to be about politicians and morons being clapped or jeered by other morons, so Griffin would fit in quite well.

That said, the only people who were upset and inconvenienced by the fact that the BNP weren't invited to appear on Question Time were active fascists, and there is a reason why political parties and campaigning groups spend time, money and effort to get their spokespeople onto the telly - because it helps them get support.

The more that fascists are allowed to go on the telly, the more people will vote for them.


At 3:00 pm , Blogger Richard T said...

In which case, should not the lavender fascists in UKIP also be banned? Look at Junius' blog in which he berates the main parties for walking out of the Euro election count in Manchester when the BNP got in.


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