Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hey, Clegg, leave them kids alone

Shorter Nick Clegg:

"It would be a huge mistake for the "centre-left community" to oppose our plans to cut jobs for young unemployed people, cancel the most successful savings scheme ever for low income poor families, cut the number of university places, take money away from schools, cut training for childcare workers, stop families on low incomes getting laptops, cut programmes which help children learn to read, cancel summer playschemes, close playgrounds, cut youth offending teams, and take away support which helps parents get jobs.

We have to do all these things, because otherwise it will be our children and grandchildren who suffer."


At 8:29 am , Anonymous Abdullah said...

Labour has to find an effective answer to the rebuttal the coalition will always give: 'we wouldn't have had to do it, but for you.'

Might it lie in the fact that the cuts are targeted at the poor and vulnerable while the rich go untroubled?


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