Friday, December 10, 2010

Neal Lawson and the New Socialism

Neal Lawson, chair of leftie campaigning group Compass, explaining the "New Socialism":

"Unlike the Labour Party of the past, we now have to focus on the non-material things that foster contentment and fulfillment. We have to place much greater value on time, care, and cooperation, and aim at a different culture and identity of belonging, with deeper foundations than either production or consumption. We have to redefine "aspiration" to bring it into line with people's real hopes: not just to earn and own, but to reach one's full human potential, and live in a society that is safe, caring, and neighbourly. The old social democracy concerned itself with greater quantity, but the New Socialism's thinking is altogether more qualitative. "

Neal Lawson, chair of leftie campaigning group Compass, quoted in Mail on Sunday explaining the consultancy payments which he received from the organisation:

"Mr Lawson angrily defended the payments of £60,000 last year and £53,498 for the previous financial year, saying they were ‘a pittance’ compared with what he used to earn.

He said he was due the cash because he worked for it ‘24 hours a day, seven days a week’ and acted as Compass’s ‘fundraiser, the strategist, the talker, the thinker, the go-to-meetings person’."


It is easy to tell other people that they need to place a greater value on non-material things when you are paid a 'pittance' of £60,000 per year to do so. How is the "New Socialism" going to win over a majority of people when even the man who invented it doesn't believe in it?


At 9:06 am , Blogger Robert said...

Without the Liberals we have two Parties really the others are minor small and to be honest never ever going to be main Parties.

I would have thought the Liberals will be hit but not as hard as people think.

I doubt the next few years will be to great for Newer or future labour what ever the branding they come up with. And with labour agreeing with the Tories on welfare for me I've got to look around for a party these days or sit at home and not vote.

I suspect the Liberals will lose a few votes and then rebuild back to the 18% level until needed again by labour or Tory.

I just think labours onslaught on the Liberals will damage them in the future if they then ask the Liberals to join them in partnership

At 8:00 pm , Blogger Rankerz said...

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