Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Questions to ask your Labour councillor

Following on from the previous post, here's five questions for Labour councillors to reflect on, and which Labour activists could ask their councillors. The intent is not to catch anyone out, but to get people thinking about how we can all work together.

1. How does the council budget which you've voted for reflect the priorities of Labour supporters and activists?

2. Has your Labour Group discussed and developed a political and organisational strategy for campaigning against the cuts? How can non-councillors help support this work?

3. What has been the impact of central government cutting council budgets by 28%or more, as George Osborne has done, rather than 20% as Alastair Darling planned to do?

4. Which services have been saved by setting a legal budget rather than refusing to set a budget and forcing the section 151 officer to do so?

5. What advice should I give to people who are angry about the cuts so they can get involved in community campaigns and make a difference?


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