Friday, September 08, 2006

Now here's a good idea

I was reading Nick Robinson's analysis of the problems Gordon Brown now faces, that many of his colleagues are cross with him and so would not be able to stay in the Cabinet if he became Leader.

"Gordon Brown can have a Cabinet which does not include Clarke or indeed Milburn and Byers. Oh yes and the others he's fallen out with - Hutton and Reid. And let's not forget the PM's chums - Falconer and Jowell. And Peter Mandelson will be persona non grata of course. Indeed he could."

Now I know there are problems with them briefing from the backbenchs and so on, but I believe the technical term for all of the above getting sacked and not playing a future role in the government is 'hitting the jackpot'.

In any case, are people really going to start saying, "Well, I voted Labour last time, but I think I'll vote Liberal Democrat now Tessa Jowell is no longer a part of the Cabinet" or "I see that Peter Mandelson is briefing the newspapers that he is unhappy with Gordon Brown not doing what Tony Blair would have done in this situation, so I'm voting Tory this time" ?


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