Monday, October 16, 2006


Although I bought the Observer yesterday, I didn't actually hear about the apparent split in the cabinet about whether or not to allow bigots to continue to discriminate in providing services until I read about it from other bloggers (I only read Nick Cohen, Andrew Rawnsley and Armando Iannucci in the news bit before throwing it in the recycling bin and reading the Sport section).

My reflex action on hearing this is to become cross and outraged that a Labour government could even consider the idea of watering down a commitment to equality. I can, however, remember plenty of previous examples of stories in the Observer about outrageous betrayals planned by the government which somehow never get reported anywhere else and don't end up happening - this seems to be their standard way of filling the front page on the all too common occasions when there isn't really any news to report. If the story turns out to have any basis in reality, that would be different, but there's no particular reason to think it will.*

*I submitted the above as part of my NVQ Level 2 in being a New Labour spin doctor.


At 1:28 pm , Blogger Pete Morton said...

Whether the Cabinet split reporting is correct or not, this has the feel of one that's going to run and run to me. I wouldn't be surprised if the lobby gets its way in one form or another.

The question's what exemptions will be made to the sexual orientation regulations when they're implemented. The more presentable religious lobby are gearing up with their concerns about renting of church buildings, those who're more easily scared are getting worried about the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

And this is a lobby that's very good at writing letters to their MPs...

A particular fear seems to be that schools will be forced to teach the book 'Strange Boy' - controversial because of a sex scene - needless to say there isn't much grounding for this except a minor government website advising it as a useful teaching resource for pre-14s.

Whether in reality, or more likely just in the public's mind I fear a mini re-run of section 28 could be beckoning.

Hopefully I'm misinformed and wrong


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