Monday, October 23, 2006

The Wisdom of the Crowds #3

A poll for CNN suggested that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton would have a 51%-44% lead over Sen. John McCain in a presidential election, but that Sen. John McCain would have a 48%-47% lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton. Apparently this is backed up by other polling which suggests that more people would vote for Hillary if she uses her maiden name.

I have reflected on this, and I think I need to spend less time reading opinion polls. Out of curiosity, though, I would like to meet the people whose voting intention depends on which form of Clinton's name they are prompted with - do they think it is two different people or something?


At 4:25 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No idea why they would vote depending on someone's name, that is weird. Perhaps the maiden name signifies "independence" or something

At 10:44 am , Anonymous Jo said...

Technically, her name is Hillary Rodham-Clinton, but American politics (or just people involved in spinning the politics) found this very hard to cope with. Me wonders where they got the Dr or Mrs Bartlett storyline from?!!!!


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