Friday, January 26, 2007

The Wisdom of the Crowds #7

A new ICM poll found that 64 % believed gay couples should be allowed to adopt, as opposed to 32% who said they should not.

Asked if gay male couples should be able to adopt children, 55% of those polled answered that they should while 42% said they should not.

Those polled were also asked the same question relating specifically to gay female couples. 59% answered that they should be able to adopt children and 38% that they should not.


At 4:26 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

Hold on, does that mean 5% believe gay couples should only be allowed to adopt providing one of them is male and one of them female?

Or 5% believe only people who refuse to self-define as male or female should be able to adopt?

The former kind of defeats the point and the latter would leave an awful lot of kids in institutions. Perhaps I should just not try and make sense out of the public...

At 4:31 pm , Blogger Unity said...

That 5% will be the over 60's who still think that 'gay' means 'happy'...


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