Monday, February 26, 2007

Conspiracy theories

The response from John McDonnell supporters to Michael Meacher's announcement that he is going to stand for the leadership has been worthy of the rapid rebuttal team in the mid 90's (to be clear, I mean this as a term of praise).

Just one small quibble. I remain to be convinced that the best critique of Meacher's campaign is to accuse him of being a conspiracy theorist and then theorise that his candidacy is in fact a conspiracy by Gordon Brown's supporters.


At 6:11 pm , Anonymous Tim F said...

If it was a conspiracy, it doesn't say much for Gordon Brown's decisiveness. If Meacher had launched his campaign officially 3 months ago, it would've seemed more credible that he might have more MPs willing to support him than McDonnell. Now that's transparently ludicrous, and I'd be very surprised if the John4Leader campaign has anything to worry about from Meacher. If all this does turn out to be a Machiavellian move by Brown (and like you, I very much doubt it - I don't think Brown's got it in him for a start), I'd respect his judgement and courage more if he'd done it earlier.

At 1:02 pm , Anonymous Daniel said...

I don't understand why it less credible later.

The nearer to the election surely the more transparant it is how likely any candidate is likely to get the 44 nominations?

If Meacher had declared last year it would surely have been more of a "floating" idea. Whereas now it can't be that long before the election. Surely Meacher has considered he can get the 44 - where as John McDonnell, having had a over six months to openly obtain nominations is only half way there.


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