Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How not to launch a campaign

The Oxford Mail reports that Peter Tatchell has been selected as the Green candidate for Oxford East. Judging by the report, though, he's got quite a steep learning curve ahead of him:

"Mr Tatchell told the Oxford Mail he would move to London Road in the city if he were successful.

He said that the key issues he will be campaigning on are saving Radley Lakes, the Jericho Boatyard, against the Westgate shopping centre expansion and to try and stop the upcoming 600 redundancies in the NHS."

When he moves to Oxford, he might find out that Radley Lakes and the Jericho Boatyard are not, actually, in the constituency. And what happened to climate change being a key issue for the Green Party to campaign on?


At 11:56 am , Anonymous Tim F said...

Obviously not the reason why he's done it, but won't this help us? Attract protest voters away from the Lib Dems in St Clements-type areas and steal trendy liberal-lefty students who were never going to vote for us?


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