Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'Clever Young Men' vs Norman Tebbit

I didn't really want to hear that the latest Tory to praise Gordon Brown was Norman Tebbit. I just hope he doesn't get given a policy commission.

The consolation is that it doesn't really mean anything more than the Tories are still fighting the civil war which they started when they got rid of Thatcher, and that they mostly still enjoy fighting each other more than they would enjoy being back in power. Hence Tebbit's description of the leader of his party,

"David and his colleagues - the very clever young men they have in Central Office these days - are very intellectually clever but they have no experience of the world whatsoever.

He has spent much of his time in the Conservative party and as a public relations guy. Well, it's not the experience of most people in the streets. That's the real attack and that's damaging to him, I think."


At 4:25 pm , Blogger Giant Lizard said...

Odd too that no Tory's been smart enough to point out the PM's employment record before entering politics in response to him.

The tories are a complete shower. Thank god for Gordon Brown's enormous brain.


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