Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Out of work, out of benefit

Here's something chilling from America, just as the US is slipping into recession and more people are losing their jobs, 2 million people will run out of unemployment benefits later this year unless the time limit is extended, because unemployment benefits in America are time limited. They will be left with nothing to live on.

It started in the US with right-wing howls about welfare dependency, then both parties adopted the idea that 'tough love' was needed to get people into work rather than living their lives on benefits. And it has ended up with millions of people who have neither work nor unemployment benefits.

Let's make sure that we stop the people who want to make this happen here in the UK.


At 8:59 pm , Anonymous a very public sociologist said...

I couldn't agree more. Any Labour member advocating or abetting this kind of thinking should face deselection. It's only a matter of time before someone starts advocating the bringing back of the workhouse. Of course they'd be called something entirely different, like Centres for Retraining or something.


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