Monday, March 31, 2008

Stories from the campaign trail #1

A friend is standing in a ward which used to elect Labour councillors, and since 2004 has instead been electing Green councillors.

He was out doing some canvassing, when he heard a voter say the following to one of his activists:

"Well, I normally vote Green, but I've seen the leaflets from your candidate and I see that he talks about how he is a socialist - it's good to see someone standing for Labour who is a socialist, so, yes, I'll be voting for you this time".

My friend was delighted by this sign that the Green vote was crumbling and coming back to Labour...

...until he checked and discovered that the gentleman in question was a long-standing member of the Labour Party.


At 9:45 am , Blogger Matt Sellwood said...

You might be surprised about how much of our vote comes from members of other parties....!

Hope you are well,


At 3:58 pm , Anonymous jdc said...

Of course, let's not forget "I'm voting Labour in the general election because we have a good local MP, but I'll be voting Green for the County Council to send Tony Blair a message"...


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