Monday, June 09, 2008

Compass conference bingo

On Saturday, the leftie campaigning group Compass are having their annual conference, 'Born Free & Equal'. There are apparently over 700 people going, most of whom are billed as speakers at one or another of the fringe meetings. If you are going, I can strongly recommend a game of 'Compass bingo' to enliven your day. Simply pick five of the words or phrases from the list below, and cross them off when you hear them. When you've crossed off all five, just call out 'the Good Society' and you've won!

Any suggestions for other good phrases, please leave in the comments, here's a few to start you off:

New Labour is dead
Social recession
Nordic countries
Robin Cook
civil liberties
as we set out in our pamphlet
David Cameron setting the agenda
not new enough and not labour enough
failed strategy of triangulation
Barack Obama
Ken Livingstone
I read in the Guardian that
reform of the voting system, need for
demonising young people
pandering to swing voters


At 11:06 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

"the new progressive agenda"

At 1:10 am , Anonymous Ben said...

That is an excellent set of "things you wish were true" coupled with "things that are true that you want to use to press the case that things you wish were true are true".

It is good to know that people like me don't exist any more. Apart from in the Cabinet. That's quite exciting.

At 7:50 am , Blogger Bob Piper said...

"I'd like to reiterate..."

Reiteraters inevitably seem to have broad mock cockney accents and they are simply looking to bore the arse off you by repeating what the comrade said 3 speakers ago.

At 10:44 am , Anonymous David Floyd said...

Some that are likely to crop up:
"will the change"
"I think it was Gramsci, in his Prison Notebooks who said..."
"I admit it, I believed in New Labour"
"real choice"
"deepening democracy"
"listen to the experts, public sector workers"

And some that I would I like:
"I have been to McDonalds and it was definitely not a hospital"
"And now the respective Management Committees of Compass and the LRC will discuss their differing views of last year's leadership contest through the medium of contemporary dance"
"As a leading trade unionist, I have paid for this conference and this keynote speech will last as long as I want it to."

At 12:09 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

I would dearly like someone to use the phrase "lurch to the centre-left"

At 3:41 am , Anonymous Gregg said...

After Cruddas and Trickett's turn over 42, I'm taking "civil liberties" off my card as I'm sure nobody will want to rub salt into that wound (not now that JM isn't going).


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