Thursday, July 03, 2008

Does Obama loom like the god-king Xerxes?

Tim and I had an idea for a best selling book recently. It would be a history of the struggle against Islamo-fascism. Volume one would cover the period from Alexander the Great to Justinian. We'd done our market research, which revealed a large and potentially extremely loyal audience of people who enjoy reading military history and aren't too fussy about trivial historical facts such as when Islam was founded, just as long as they find the overall narrative comforting.

Once we'd bought our crayons and made a start, there wouldn't be much need to do any historical research so the first volume could be written quickly, and there would be scope for almost endless additional volumes. Furthermore, if anyone tried to criticise us for getting any of the facts wrong, we could attack them as appeasers of Islamo-fascism and possibly also as liberal elitists. This would help to generate controversy, and make our readers even more likely to buy volume two.

But it turns out that others have had the same idea. It takes a true scholar of history to turn the war between Sparta and Persia in the fifth century BC into a chapter of the struggle against Islamofascism, but that's exactly what the 'Modern Conservative' blog has done, via here. The author tells the story of brave Spartans fighting for slaveholding monarchy democracy against Xerxes and his army, who are little different from the modern Islamofascist hordes. And in a piece of analysis too brilliant and subtle to comprehend, the Persians are not only Islamofascists but also examples of the leftist enemies within who hate our freedom. This is based on extensive research of having seen the film '300'.

It ends with an inspiring rallying cry:

"You are the tip of the spear. You are Leonides.

Feel like the left is too powerful? Keep fighting.

Does it seem like their arrows are blotting out the sun? Fight in the shade.

Does Obama loom like the god-king Xerxes? Never kneel.

And so I say to the left:

We are the tip of the spear. We will fight you. We will never yield."

Plagiarism in defence of liberty is no vice at all, so I think we might steal some of that for our opening chapter. Next up: Alexander wins Battle of Arbela, declares "Mission Accomplished"


At 5:24 pm , Anonymous Ben said...

I shouldn't have read this whilst gargling mouthwash.


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