Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For negative campaigning only

Paul Begala, one of the few Democratic Party strategists who has run a successful Presidential election campaign, has a seven point plan for uniting supporters of Obama and Clinton:

"Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack.


The way to unite an internally divided organization is to identify an external threat. The Obama delegates will be buying beers for the Clinton delegates once they're focused on how disastrous a third term for Bush-McCain would be. But no one is telling them.

If the Democrats do not spend the remaining days of their convention -- hell, the remaining days of the campaign -- in an all-out assault on the ruinous Bush-McCain policies, they will lose.

I was for Hillary in the primaries, but when she endorsed Sen. Obama, I proudly sent him a check for the legal maximum. On the memo line of the check I wrote, "FOR NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING ONLY." No matter what minor difference Hillary and Barack had, they pale in comparison to the corruption, incompetence, dishonesty and criminality of the Bush-McCain Republicans.

Democrats need to attack as if the future, the country and the planet depend on it. Because they do."


At 10:55 am , Anonymous tim f said...

'On the memo line of the check I wrote, "FOR NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING ONLY." '

I didn't realise you could ring-fence donations like that. Can I write on the back of my membership cheque "For employing local organisers only. Not to be used for billboard ads or flashy DM concepts with little content."


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