Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simple pleasures

I am enjoying the comments left by Tories in response to the moderate and sensible idea of slightly raising the amount of income tax that will be paid by the top 0.6% highest earners in the UK from 2011 onwards. It's a mixture of fury, hyperbole, greed and fear:

"Now is the time for people earning more than £150k to give to the Tory Party. They should act now or forever hold their peace."

"Will the last person leaving Britain please turn out the lights?"

"We should make the point that increasing the rate of income tax doesn't end up raising extra money"

"This is frankly a disaster for Britain, we are in a timewarp going back to the 70s!
Next Brown will start imposing wage and price controls and stop you leaving the country with anything over about £20 in your pocket!"

"We'll get lumbered with the 'friends of the rich' thing anyway, because it always happens."

"Proposed lines of attack...

e) How then can we ever trust the pinkos again?"

But fair play to the commentator who found the sliver lining in this announcement and reminded fellow Tories of the real enemy:

"It's amazing how gloomy the BBC News presenters are about this - presumably they'll be hit by this higher rate!"


At 8:19 am , Blogger Tom Freeman said...

Sounds like they've been hit by a tax bombshell, poor dears...

At 9:53 am , Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

You really don't get it, do you. If you increase taxes on business owners (who will form a large proportion of the £150k+ bracket) they are more likely to leave the country - and when they leave, they will take all the jobs they provide with them.

Bad news for everyone and seriously bad news for our economy.

At 12:00 pm , Blogger Andreas Paterson said...

LFAT, that is a simplistic and laughable viewpoint that most of us lefties long ago dismissed.

For an average person earning £20-30K, £150K is a lot of money, the incentives for entepreneurs are still signifigant. Plus, most entepreneurs make their money from capital gains currently flat taxed at 18%.

Many of these rich people have businesses and interests in the country that simply cannot relocate often due to the customers also present in this country. In order to run their businesses they need to be in Britain.

At 6:10 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

LFAT - where are they going to go? And will they be leaving America too since Obama is raising the top rate of tax?

But please keep complaining - when ordinary people are struggling it does a lot of good for Tories to be seen complaining about how hard up the wealthy are.


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