Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lessons from Swanley

Last Thursday the BNP defeated Labour in a by-election in Swanley on Sevenoaks District Council. I thought this comment, from a Labour activist who campaigned in the by-election, was interesting in explaining this result:

"I was there in Swanley defending the Labour voters, leafleting and canvassing(because I am a Labour councillor) and voters told me why they were going to vote BNP was because the Labour Government has done nothing for them except take away thier wefare benefits, not building anymore council housing,(not that we have any because the tories sold it all off) and they feel abandoned by labour, so unless Labour find a way of building more Social housing and does more for it's core supporters, then the BNP will get more votes, As rightly said in the media we are a small labour enclave in a tory district area and that same tory district council does nothing for Swanley, The Labour Town Council even got 50 new jobs here for people at the other end of the Town, most voters believed the BNP when they told them that Labour and the Tories were not going to stop immigration and soon they would be out of work and on this the BNP said British jobs for British workers and it worked! So now what must happen is that Gordon must do is build more social housing and stop the wefare reform bill until thing get better and people stop losing thier Jobs, if he don't then we could lose more elections later this year ie County council in June! I was there on the front line, so I know."


At 8:02 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you think stopping welfare reform will stop the BNP? Get this, benefits cheats don't vote!. I unwittingly predicted the BNP victory on 09/12/2008 when a comment from your blog congratulating Councillor Woodbridge on opposing welfare reforms emerged in my mail box. I sent an email (unreplied)to Councillor Woodbridge asking him why labour continued to work against people who worked (laboured)for a living. I detailed out how the people of Swanley st marys and swanley Whiteoaks do not turnout at elections because they could not be bothered. see extract of my email of 09/12/08:


3. You are obsessed with getting the votes of people who are not interested in voting. The lowest voter attendance in the May 2007 elections in the whole of Sevenoaks were in Swanley st Marys and Swanley Whiteoaks.

see attendance figures below:
Edenbridge- N&E - 38.6%
Edenbridge s&W - 36.96%
Sevenoaks St John-44.02
Swanley - Hextable-40.15%
Swanley St Marys-25.43%
Swanley Whiteoaks-26.87%


To continue...

on 04/02/09 I observed that the BNP were contesting the seat in Swanley.

I sent an email to Councillor Woodbridge and told him I believed the BNP would get in, and unfortunately, I was right.

You can fantasise about lefty and liberal policies all you like. Until benefits scroungers are tackled and only genuine claimants and people in genuine need are helped for the shortest period until they can get back to work the welfare state will continue to cost too much and benefit the most crooked or lazy and not the most needy.

On immigrants:

Most immigrants are highly educated and in professional jobs. The problem is illegal immigration and assylum. Illegal immigration and lax assylum laws have to be tackled. I don't want my tax money to go to benefits cheats or bogus assylum seekers! You will get the votes of immigrants in Swanley if you have family friendly poliies, policies against ILLEGAL immigration, and a curbs against the excesses of the welfare state.

At the next local elections, Swanley Whiteoaks will also go to the BNP. To avoid this, money has to be put into the town centre to create jobs. The state of DeJa vous nightclub is sympthomatic of Swanley's fortunes and it must be restored to create local jobs before the next elections.

Swanley Labour Town Council and the Sevenoaks Conservatives district Council must have the good sense to work together to bring the Swanley redevelopment Plan forward as part of the central governments drive to spend it's way out of the recession. The temptation to push through narrow minded policies like building affordable homes without making sure the homes go to people who need homes must be avoided. Making sure those who need homes get homes is part of the welfare reforms. As a test, If 15 year old girls can still get flats by getting pregnant and thus sign off work and education for the next 16 years, then no problems will be solved and the BNP will still get in.

Homes must go to those who are not on benefits that have lived in the local area the longest. Long stay Hostels can be built or adapted to house young single mothers. These hostels can have creches and training facilities provided to keep these girls in education or able to work.

You can ignore this or oppose it. You were not able to oppose the BNP on Thursday 19th Feb 2009, and you will now not be able to ignore them ever in Swanley.

At 12:00 am , Blogger Pete said...

Housing and immigration are not new issues and so unlikey to be factors. Also they're not local to Swanley. Earlier in the month Labour won a by-election where the BNP were strong challengers. They won with a swing against the BNP (and look at the Tory and Liberal votes) here
Dukinfield is Northern and industrial and working-class.


At 12:54 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody in Swanley is a true Briton. Let them eat Tandoori Chicken, and lump it. Ha Ha

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