Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good point of the day

From here:

"The increase in the top rate of tax might not raise much money but might encourage some recalcitrant emigres to keep their promises.

Before the first Labour victory in 1997 I remember four august notable and "wealth generating" individuals stating publicly that they would leave the country if the Labour Party was elected to power and hiked the top rate of tax to 50%. They were in order of cod-talent: Andrew Lloyd Weber, Paul Daniels, Frank Bruno and Jim Davidson.

When floating voters heard this declaration a vast swathe of them were pursuaded immediately to support Labour Party and the Party enjoyed a landslide election victory as a consequence. As far as I know only Davidson has moved abroad (to Dubai in his case which isn't nearly far enough away for my liking). The other three stayed in the UK. I'm really hoping now and keeping my fingers crossed that the remaining trio of entrepreneurial excellence will also finally be persuaded to jump ship."


At 12:26 am , Anonymous Ben said...

Kudos. This is a surprisingly amusing piece of commentary from a largely humourless young radical feminist Trotskyist who seems to enjoy trumpeting the purity of her lefty morality by constantly having a go at the Labour Party.

But, yeah, that was actually pretty good. Maybe the rest of her juvenile, ranty, self-absorbed opus can be improved too.

Grumble grumble. The youth today. Tsk tsk.

At 9:57 am , Blogger Robert said...

Nice to see an old fart show he is still an old fart. and a Tory one at that.

lets see the question would be if these people left the Uk would you notice answer nope.

At 11:33 am , Anonymous tim f said...

How high do you reckon we'd have to put the top rate of tax to get Prince Harry to leave?

At 3:36 pm , Blogger Robert said...

Nar he is a Prince he does not pay tax.

At 4:08 pm , Anonymous tim f said...


At 10:08 pm , Anonymous Ben said...

Sorry Rob, was that me being an old fart?

And a TORY one, too?

That must be pretty bad. I mean, that sounds about as bad as you can get.

You will be happy to hear (I have not an inch of doubt) that I am aged 28 and have been a member of the Labour Party for the last 13 years.

Oh, sorry, that wasn't what you wanted because it didn't fit your rather tired and pathetic stereotypes?

Never mind, eh?

You would notice if a high proportion of "these people" like me left the UK, by the way, Robert. I promise you.

It is therefore a good thing that I'm neither rich nor stupid enough nor vindictively pathetic enough to buy a ticket for nirvana in Macedonia's 5% tax valhalla, isn't it?

At 10:49 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

Ben, I think Robert was talking about Jim Davidson.


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