Thursday, July 23, 2009

Somalia and 'market anarchism'

Ex-Lib Dem councillor turned libertarian anarchist Jock Coats argues that Somalia shows how an absence of government can be a good thing. His argument is that Somalia is proof that statelessness can bring improvements faster than government can.

Except, that's not what Somalis think:

"We are very interested in paying taxes," says Mr Abdullahi - not a sentiment which often passes the lips of a high-flying businessman.

And Mr Abdulkadir at the Global Internet Company fully agrees.

"We badly need a government," he says. "Everything starts with security - the situation across the country.

"All the infrastructure of the country has collapsed - education, health and roads. We need to send our staff abroad for any training."

Since 1991, in contrast to the rest of Somalia, Somaliland has remained largely peaceful and relatively safe. And, not coincidentally, it holds democratic elections and has a functioning state.

According to 'market anarchism', it is a sign of progress if you can buy a phone without the shop having to pay taxes to the government, even if people can't use their phones outside because armed gunmen would steal them.


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I suggest you watch this video on Youtube about Somalia:


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