Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a difference nine months and a bit of research can make

One of the following articles was based on a couple of anecdotes, copying down some government spin and personal prejudice on the part of the author. The other was written after doing some proper research and reporting the opinions of people who work day-to-day to help unemployed people. Can you guess which is which?

Jenni Russell, Nov 2008 - "We must dare to rethink the welfare that benefits no one:
The left has long been blind to the dependency culture that deters adults from flexible work and damages their chlidren"

Jenni Russell, August 2009 - "Some talk about welfare to work. The poor know it as welfare to destitution: The unemployed are being forced to take huge risks with their security when they move into the world of low-paid labour"


At 9:19 am , Blogger Robert said...

I'm disabled I do not work because my disability is thought to be to severe. When I went down to the job center they looked at each other and said are you sure.

I said I can work if things are right, she said what job are you looking for and I said thats why I've come down here to find out.

I was sent to another job provider who said are you sure you want to work, I said yes. what do you want to do, they sent me to another job provider who said we will get you back to work within weeks, sign this so we can get our money, we will send you an appointment, six months later I had a letter saying will you drop down to sign a form so we can get paid.

Down I go again to ask what about work, OK training thats it training.

We will get in touch with you about a training course sign this. A year goes by nothing. Back down the job center I explain what went on and they said OK we will take your case, we will get in touch with you, six months later I get a phone call about a job they found cleaning windows, self employed on your own, anyone seen a person in a wheelchair cleaning windows.

OK they said long distance lorry driving, I cannot do that anymore my license was revoked because of my disability, yes but you can drive yes cars which have been adapted not lorries how do you know, the DVLA took my license, whats the DVLA.

I went down to one interview to be asked again what would you like to do what job is your dream job, NASA OK NASA lets look she spent an hour walking around asking people about jobs in NASA before she came back and said what is NASA. When she found out she said your not taking this seriously are you.

I said then stop asking stupid questions how the hell do I know what I can do, I've no bloody legs no bowel and no bladder so you tell me what I can do.

I have now been told It's highly unlikely I ever get a job.

At 12:19 pm , Blogger Quietzapple said...


You type, so if you can speak on the phone, and have enough stamina to manage for 3 hours at a time say, you must have a chance.

I bet you could do better than most of the people who have failed to help you.

At 12:20 pm , Blogger Quietzapple said...

I must say the articles Don refers to don't strike me as being good accounts in either case.


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