Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meet the Conservative Future

When I was a student, the young Tories used to get drunk and sing songs like "Dashing through the Reich" and invited new students to join "the biggest political group for young people since the Hitler Youth".

According to Prospect Magazine, some things don't change:

"Meanwhile, to my left, one young Conservative is explaining his scepticism about joining the party to two CF members. “I vote Tory—you know I vote Tory. I’m just not a Tory member. I don’t like parties.” He pauses. “Well, I like these kinds of parties obviously! God… can you imagine what a Labour version of this would be like?”

“Well,” his friend replies, “there’d be a lot more ethnic minorities for one thing.” “Oh really?” the other replies. “I thought the Labour party was trying to make itself seem more respectable!” They laugh awkwardly, seemingly aware that even as casual racism, it doesn’t really work."


"For a political party that professes itself horrified that the pre-election debate is being framed in class terms, the young Tories seem remarkably fixated on the issue. “Sorry, did you just say I was a commoner? Fuck off and die!”—is the punch-line to one bit of drunken joshing between friends.

As I shape to leave, I hover for one last cigarette. Three new acquaintances are making idle smalltalk. “Tim is such a common name…” one of the smokers is saying. He checks himself, not wanting to offend the Tim in question: “sorry, not, you know, common… I mean ‘popular’.”

“Yah but your surname is Jenkins,” his friend says through a mouthful of teeth. “That’s such a butler’s name!”"


At 4:45 pm , Anonymous Paul Sagar said...

Did you see this below your links on the Wikipedia page:

"In Trinity Term 2005, a Cherwell oped article referred to OUCA as "...inviting strippers to perform “lewd acts” in 1989". In 2009, the Daily Mail elaborated on this incident in reporting that OUCA's then-Social Secretary Sally Illman (future wife of Conservative MP John Bercow) had been "cavorting with a stripper as he performed in front of Young Conservatives. What she couldn’t have known when she hopped up on stage to join ‘Terry The Minder’ was that he would later become infamous as the Black Cab rapist John Worboys", dubbed by the paper as "Britain's most notorious rapist." The Mail elaborated that "The Association booked the strippers for a £3.50-a-head event in the Baring Room at Hertford College" and quoted the then-Dean of Hertford College as saying it would be "a long time before the Conservative Association get to use that hall again", while university officials removed OUCA's right to use the prefix "Oxford University" for a while. A ban on OUCA holding events at Hertford College still stands to this day."

Small world, eh?

At 9:26 am , Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

Prospect being an entirely objective and unbiased source for this story, naturally.


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