Friday, June 11, 2010

Reality based policy development

Shorter Social Market Foundation:

"The Social Market Foundation is a leading UK think tank, developing innovative ideas across a broad range of economic and social policy. The recommendations we put forward are practical and designed to provide politicians with workable solutions to current and developing policy challenges.

The government needs to come up with a convincing and fair plan to reduce Britain's financial deficit. We therefore recommend charging people 20 quid to see the doctor, and privatising all the roads and charging people to drive on them. To protect the least well off, we also recommend cutting Housing Benefit and disability benefits by £3.7 billion.

We think that these are eminently practical solutions, and, no, none of us have ever had a job outside of Westminster which involves contact with the public, why do you ask?"


At 5:07 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this must be the group that Tony Blair loved so much, and brown believed were gods.

But yes I totally agree with doctors fee's but lets make it forty quid, how about paying money to the government for the children you have, stop the bloody poor getting more.

lets see Crippled ten million, yes build camps, make them work, if they die we can burn the bodies producing electric.

I bet they will not do it because Cameron knows at the moment his leadership depends on the people giving him leeway, if this country gets pissed off with cuts, then we could see a bigger winter of discontent, but mind you would they put the army out on us, maybe.

At 9:20 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think cameron gave the troops a pay rise?
Same reason thatcher gave the police a rise

At 8:03 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes but it works, and if it works why did Labour not do it, anyone not think our troops deserve more then 5.86 an hour.


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