Monday, October 10, 2016

Brexit: the four key tests

A suggested approach to Brexit for the Labour Party:

- We respect the result of the referendum. We are concerned that the incompetence of the Tory government and their UKIP allies will mean that they fail to negotiate a deal which reflects the will of the British people.

- To get the best deal for Britain, we recommend setting key tests for the outcome of Brexit negotiations.  This approach served Britain very well when we decided not to join the euro.

- There should be four tests: on the impact on sovereignty, immigration, public services and the economy. We will support a deal that meets these tests. Any deal which fails to meet these tests has not respected the democratic will of the British people.

- These tests are set out below:

  • We end the supremacy of EU law and the European Court. We will be able to kick out those who make our laws.
  • Europe yes, EU no. We have a new UK-EU Treaty based on free trade and friendly cooperation. We will take back the power to negotiate our own trade deals.
  • We spend our money on our priorities. Instead of sending £350 million per week to Brussels, we will spend it on our priorities like the NHS and schools.
  • We take back control of migration policy, including the 1951 UN Convention on refugees, so we have a fairer and more humane policy, and we decide who comes into our country, on what terms, and who is removed.