Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Comments policy

I have just wasted nearly ten minutes of my life and I am still confused. Someone has been leaving comments on this site pretending to be someone called 'C4'. This is no bother, because I know about the 'delete forever' option for comments, and deleting ignorant Tory shite is both a pleasure and not time consuming.

I'm working from the assumption that whoever writes as 'C4' is someone who doesn't like the Tories and has chosen to write a parody of what a dim right winger with a lot of time on their hands would be like. What has confused me is that there is no clue anywhere on the whole internet (at least in the nearly ten minutes that I spent searching) about who hates the Tories enough that they have been doing this for nearly a whole year.

Just on the subject of comments, I featured a few years back in Holocaust Denier David Irving's list of 'traditional enemies of free speech' (a list of people whom he considers to have infringed his right to tell lies about the Holocaust). I am delighted that a colleague in the league of traditional enemies of free speech, the Austrian government, decided a while back to lock Irving up. There are plenty of places for abuse and/or spreading right-wing lies, any of that found here will be deleted or ignored depending on whether I can be bothered. All other sorts of comment, of course, welcome.


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