Saturday, September 30, 2006

How America is different from Britain #1

I was watching a documentary on American politics called 'The West Wing', and in America it takes a nuclear accident for a seven point opinion poll lead to be wiped out. In Britain, all it takes is for the Labour Party to get together and spend a week in Manchester without us all slagging each other off too much.

By the way, Rhodri told me that the New Republic had an article a little while back, titled 'Can Democrats win in coal mining areas?' I tried a search for this, but couldn't find it - has anyone got a link I could use?


At 9:40 pm , Anonymous Jo said...

We saw that too. It seems there's an entire series of these documentaries: we're just about to watch the next one :)

At 9:44 pm , Blogger Patrick H said...

this seems to be the original article, but it is subscription only, unfortunately.

Luckily, a helpful soul has copied it here. Happy reading!


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