Monday, October 16, 2006

Provisional BBC #2

I'm going to stop linking every time Provisional BBC ( has a new post, but you should definitely go and read this:

Panorama reveal "bung culture" in politics

The government was thrown into chaos last night when the BBC programme Panorama revealed Labour made illegal approaches to Shaun Woodward before he signed for them in 1999. According to Panorama, Labour arranged secret meetings with turncoat Woodward before making official enquiries about his availability.

Tony Blair said he would not comment as he had not seen the footage due to a vote in the Commons. Tory leader David Cameron called for an independent inquiry, saying that if the accusations were true, Labour should be "banned from politics". Menzies Campbell, leader of the Liberal Democrats, would only say that this was further evidence of the need for proportional representation in the UK...

[Go on, go and read the rest!]


At 9:27 pm , Anonymous Jo said...

It would more useful if you would post a link to the damn thing!

At 11:51 pm , Blogger Pete Morton said...

Here is is


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