Monday, October 02, 2006

The Talksport Tories

It can be difficult, especially if like Jackie Ashley you are paid to write stupid articles in the Guardian, to remember what the Tories are really like.

A couple of years ago, a friend was out knocking on doors for the Labour Party, when a ruddy-faced, middle aged gentleman wearing a blazer opened the door. Upon being asked whether he might consider supporting Labour, a look of pain crossed his face:

"No, no, absolutely not. I'm really sorry, but I'm definitely not Labour. I'm a Conservative, always have been. Look, I don't quite know how best to put this, I just don't agree with Labour...", he stuttered at this point, obviously still worried that he had not quite made the point about where his allegiance lay.

"...I, I listen to Talksport," he concluded, as if relieved to have managed to have found a way to convey where his political sympathies lay with reference to a radio station which, surely, only Tories would listen to.

I don't know whether TalkSport do coverage of the Conservative Party conference, but if they do, I wonder what he and the other Talksport Tories make of David Cameron.


At 9:04 pm , Anonymous The Labour Humanist said...

As I once blogged...are talksport the poor man's fox news!?


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