Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tory ideas for reducing poverty

I found a website called Poverty Debate, which seemed to be a general discussion website about different ways of tackling poverty, except that about half way down the page, there is a massive picture of Iain Duncan Smith, "facing the intrigued media, following an impromtu finge event at the Bournemouth Pavilion" [that's what it says].

In fact, it turns out to be a Tory website, where Tories talk about the problems of the underclass. It is a mixture of reasonably carefully selected articles from newspapers about how bad the government is, contributions from voluntary sector organisations about how the way to tackle poverty is by giving more money to voluntary sector organisations, and lengthy contributions about subjects such as marriage (Good!) and drugs (Bad!)

As I had secretly hoped, they have a section for people to send in their own contributions. This is a wideranging section which covers the need for strengthening married families; forming a national task force to eradicating litter; how the tax system discriminates against single men who use the least services; how single parents lack the ability to develop the skills of compassion, education or social integration; the way that the benefits system rewards the undeserving and the lazy; and the need to amend the law to allow assault against young people if they are interfering with your car.

They also have a separate section on 'economic dependency', including a contribution from someone who wants to limit access to social housing to people with two or fewer children because at the moment "we are incouraging more people from the lower class / underclass to have more children. Why are we incouraging this? Surely we should be wanting people from the middle upper classes to have more children. We are just going to end upgrowing uneducated, lazy people population."

Apparently, this is the process by which the Tories are going to come up with their next manifesto, which is the most encouraging news I have had for a while.


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