Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Best of Liberal Opinion, Commentary and Ideas

Just a quick note to say 'hi' to my new Liberal Democrat readers, who have come to visit from the Liberal Review, the Best of Liberal Opinion, Commentary and Ideas. The editors of the Liberal Review were kind enough to say that my advice "isn't all stupid, and it might be worth keeping an eye on it", though being spoilsports they tell their readers not to leave a comment to tell me what I have got wrong (I like the fact that they must think that without this warning, Lib Dem campaign organisers would have come to explain all their strategies to me and help improve the guide to beating them).

Part two coming up as and when, but in the meantime fairdealphil and elephunt have lots more good stuff in the comments.


At 1:36 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The weakness in this advice is the weakness in most advice about taking on opponents: it assumes the opponents are rubbish" Liberal Review.

Actually, Don assumes what most of us already know.Most Lib Dems are rubbish, stand for nothing, and get elected on the back of a 'Vote for us to keep (fill in the blank) out'.You don't actually need to be very good, simply paint someone else as very bad and have no identifiable policies yourself. How to combat this strategy is the key.


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