Monday, November 13, 2006

I feel ill

Thanks to Anonymous in the comments for alerting me to this, the blog of the Lib Dem councillors for Belsize ward in Camden. As a warning, before clicking on any of the links you should be aware that reading too much of it can lead to acute nausea and feelings of rage.

Check out in particular 'My First Planning Committee Meeting' - "The previous Labour administration simply weren't interested in the environment. Thankfully they've been voted out. Now we can get on with saving the planet." or "The Lib Dem-led Executive, which runs the Council, is composed of six Lib Dems and four Tories. And Jill Fraser - who works part-time in a chip shop on Queen's Crescent - is the first ever Lib Dem Mayor of Camden. All very satisfactory really."

If you can get down to help Labour in the upcoming by-election, contact the local Labour Party. And remember, unless we work hard over the next few years, we could wake up the day after the next election to find that it is not just Camden but the whole of Britain which is run by these sort of loons and their Tory mates.


At 12:02 pm , Blogger Pete Morton said...

Are you sure this isn't an elaborate joke, or a viral ad campaign for Abel & Cole foodboxes?

Alternatively, if these people do truly exist someone should point out it's not really a blog if you don't allow comments on it.


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