Sunday, November 12, 2006

Occupational Hazards

I was out leafleting for the 'Reclaim our streets' march next weekend, which is part of Labour's campaign to get the council and other agencies to take proper action against anti-social behaviour locally and to provide a lot more for young people to do. The leaflet has a large picture of a hoodie-wearing yob.

As I was going down one road, three young men came in the other direction (I think they were students). They stopped to ask if the leaflet was from the Lib Dems, so I explained it was a Labour leaflet, and they took one to have a look at.

The slightly awkward thing was that one of them was wearing the same top as the yob in the leaflet (though minus the threatening pose). If he noticed the coincidence, then he didn't come back to check, and I finished off my leaflet round.

I'm familiar with most of the hazards of leafleting, like the stealth dogs which only announce themselves when you open the letter box, or the razor sharp letter boxes, but this was a new one for me.


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