Wednesday, November 08, 2006

like ralph nader, but in reverse

It was good to see the Libertarian Party doing their best to offer an electoral alternative for Americans who think that the Republican Party does not do enough to defend property rights.

In two Senate races which will help decide who runs the Senate, the Democrats are ahead in Missouri by about 42,000 votes, and the Libertarian candidate has polled 46,000. Better still, in Montana, the Democrats lead by 1700, with just over 10,000 choosing the Libertarians instead.

As for the Greens, their 26,000 votes in Virginia looks likely to have narrowly failed to help racist Republican George Allen get re-elected and keep the Senate under the control of George Bush.

I can, understand, though running a Green candidate against a centrist Democrat who used to work for Ronald Reagan. What is puzzling, though, is choosing to stand in Vermont against Bernie Sanders, who is actually a socialist. It didn't matter, because Sanders won by 80,000 votes and the Greens got 1400, but if ever there were a case for stepping aside in an election, surely that would be it?


At 11:36 pm , Blogger Matt Sellwood said...

Especially since Bernie has close family links with active Greens...




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