Monday, November 06, 2006

"Prejudice against Nazis"

Managers at a pub have apparently cancelled an anti-racist gig because the publicity featured 'prejudice against the Nazis'.

"An anti-racist gig, planned by young people from Basildon featuring some of the UK's most talented up and coming young performers has suddenly been left in doubt after managers at the venue decided they did not want to be associated with the event.

The Love Music Hate Racism event was originally to take place on Sat 2nd December at the Towngate pub, one of the few live music venues in Basildon. The event was planned in response to the arson attack on the Islamic centre and the increased activity of the racist British National Party in the area: to demonstrate that young people in Basildon prefer good music to racist Nazis.

Despite numerous planning meetings to discuss the event, managers at the Towngate pub have suddenly cancelled the event. The stated reasons for cancelling the event, were concerns about: "what the publicity leaflet says", claiming it was "prejudice against Nazis and the British National Party" and that the pub "could not afford to be seen to be against the BNP" or they might "have no pub left".

Basildon resident and co-organiser of the event Suki Banwait said: "Music brings people together: racism divides us. Love Music Hate Racism is a well respected organisation backed by trade unions, faith groups, musicians and anti-racist campaigns such as UNITE against Fascism. Frankly, we are astonished and disappointed by the decision taken by the Towngate pub. We are now left without a venue for this gig but send out an appeal to any venue, band, dj or promoter in the Basildon area. Can you help us? Are you prepared to support Love Music Hate Racism and provide a venue for the event?""

I suppose by the same logic, wearing a poppy for Remembrance Sunday is a sign of 'prejudice against the Nazis'. Quite incredible.


At 11:03 pm , Blogger Larry Gambone said...

Oh poor little misrepresented never-hurt-a-fly Nazis! Maybe I should start a "Save The Nazis" campaign to go along with my "Feed the Poor Little Starving Billionaires" campaign...

At 1:22 am , Anonymous Skuds said...

Thank you for reminding me why I moved out of Basildon as soon as I was old enough to leave home!

At 3:32 pm , Blogger C4' said...

Political correctness is turning on itself!


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