Monday, October 30, 2006


It is nice, sometimes, to be reminded about what Tories really think the difference between their party and Labour is. From politicalbetting:

"Ugh, another ghastly socialist.

Either of these two men is a political gift for David Cameron. Both will frankly look like oiks compared with DC’s smooth, polished approach.

I know it’s old fashioned to say so, but I really do think that David Cameron has the breeding - and that’s important for someone who’s to be our leader.

Just like Macmillan, Thatcher or even Blair, Cameron knows how to carry himself and is a class act in every sense.

Brown (and this McDonnell character) are much more akin to ghastly failures like Callaghan, Wilson or Major.

I’m confident that, when presented with this contrast, the Great British Public will do the right thing.
I know it’s an unfashionable view, but I really do think much of this is down to education (and I don’t mean just up to the age of 21). Brown has grown up with trade unionists and what’s laughingly referred to as the ‘Labour Culture’. David Cameron has grown up with the countries leaders and captains of industry. And in both cases it shows. The contrast could not be more clear."


At 11:14 am , Blogger Pete Morton said...

It's quite bizarre too given that neither Blair nor Thatcher have 'breeding'...


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