Friday, October 27, 2006

Good Old Boy #14

The Parti Socialiste in France is the only political party that I am aware of which is openly run as a GoodOldBoy-ocracy, where all power rests in the hands of a few Good Old Boys who take it in turns to have a go at being Prime Minister and run unsuccessfully for the Presidency and where the main arguments against Sego Royal being the party’s candidate for President are that she is too much of a Blairite and that it is a ridiculous idea to have a woman as the candidate because who would look after her children.

Many thanks to the Virtual Stoa for passing on Laurent Fabius’ rallying cry to a public meeting a few days ago in his bid to secure the nomination:

“In a few months we will have a new President of the Republic. There is a one in two chance it will be a Socialist. And an important chance that it will be me.”


At 10:41 am , Anonymous jdc said...

This is unhelpful. "Importante" doesn't mean "Important", it means "significant". Militant also doesn't mean in French what we have now taken it to mean in English. It means "Leaflet Labour" in your categorisation, as opposed to "Pamphlet Labour".

That said, I haven't decided how I'm voting yet, as a paid-up bon vieux gars.

At 11:00 am , Blogger donpaskini said...

Thanks for the correction - 'there is a significant chance' certainly makes it sound less silly than 'important chance'. But I still reckon that Laurent Fabius is a Good Old Boy.

At 3:54 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely Fabius is a complete idiot- it is a buggin's turn mentality and the argument against Royale seems to boil down to that woman issue. The real issue though is whether he would stand against her if she stood as the official party nominee in which case then it could be another 2001


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