Thursday, October 26, 2006


"Unemployed people convicted of crimes should receive tougher sentences than those with full-time jobs or caring responsibilities, a leading Tory MP will say today.

They will call for an overhaul of community sentencing to enable courts to mete out tougher punishments for the jobless on the grounds that they have more time on their hands."

Awful and shocking, isn't it? A sign of how the Tories just love to kick people when they are down.

Except that it isn't a Tory MP saying this. It's a Labour MP, John Denham, chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee. You can read the rest here.


At 2:51 pm , Anonymous jdc said...

"People who would otherwise risk losing jobs that require them to work long hours, or those who care for elderly or ill relatives, or young children, should receive more lenient community sentences, serving fewer hours for the same crime, a leading Liberal Democrat MP said today."

Y'know, whichever. How do you feel about rich people getting fined more when the punishment is a fine? I like this plan, the logical conclusion is that young people should get longer prison sentences, we could sentence as a proportion of remaining life expectancy.


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