Monday, November 13, 2006


Anyone who receives incapacity benefit is only allowed to earn £20 a week from paid employment before losing benefits. Because this hasn't risen in line with inflation, people are being forced to cut the number of hours that they work because of rises in the minimum wage.

Although working 4-5 hours a week might not seem like much, it can be really beneficial and a good stepping stone for people who have had a long term illness or disability who are trying to get back into work (which is, after all, something the government wants to encourage).

Campaigners want the amount which people can earn without losing benefits raised from £20 to £25, and if, like me, you think that a rising minimum wage shouldn't create a benefit trap for people who want to work, click here and sign the petition.


At 11:48 am , Blogger Bloggers4Labour said...

'Course if we could persuade the Government to consider a Minimum/Citizen's Income, all these arbitrary rules and rates could be done away with, along with the poverty trap.


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