Thursday, January 11, 2007

Libertarian Test

Here is a test to see if you are a libertarian. The scale is from 0 (good) to 160 (very libertarian).

I got 8, and I will be very impressed by anyone who can beat that. If you get more than about 30 then I am afraid you have to join the Liberal Democrats (Orange Book flavour) or suffer some other equally unpleasant fate. As ever, record your scores in the comments (Tim has the current record of 7, you are not allowed to cheat in order to try and beat that).


At 10:34 pm , Anonymous Tom said...

I got 10, but I was confused by the "is bombing civilians in an enemy country morally equivalent to murder?" question, whose answer depends entirely on whether you intended to bomb the civilians or not.

At 12:08 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got 12. As a hardcore libertarian myself, I fear the test is flawed - it contained no questions about the abolition of hierarchical relationships, rationing systems such as money, or the system whereby productive members of society actually are exploited for the benefit of a parasitic ruling elite (capitalism).

At 3:50 pm , Blogger Bloggers4Labour said...

Somehow I managed to get 19 - probably the support for freedom of expression and opposition to immigration laws (in order to promote the free movement of people) were the cause.

I don't think it would have been too far-fetched to say taxes were too high - it depends entirely what they're used for, and obviously a certain % will be wasted on the bureaucratic machine - but it's one of those things you don't say in the Labour Party, for fear of giving succour to the enemy.

I had to say, in answer to Tom's point, that bombing wasn't murder, as I thought the most likely case was of the aerial bombing of cities during a war, and murder is the wrong word for that. I'd have had to said 'yes' if the more likely scenario was one of suicide-bombing.

At 4:37 pm , Blogger jdc said...

I got 9 - but 5 of those were for saying I thought vigilante justice was acceptable.

At 9:32 pm , Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

20 "soft-core libertarian", hmm. I was hoping they'd have a picture of Murray Bookchin or Errico Malatesta somewhere on the page, but apparently not.
Doesn't this question - 'Should all legislation be replaced by judge-made law, arbitration, and other private rule-suppliers?' - basically mean 'should democracy be abolished?'?

At 12:48 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, ha for once jdc is a wuss. In a personal capacity I draw with Don Paskini on a health 8, answering in a professional capacity I score a 1.


At 3:51 pm , Anonymous pregethwr said...

I got 6.

So obviously it's John Reid for me.

At 10:05 pm , Anonymous Ben said...

I didn't cheat, honest. Made a couple of assumptions about what a couple of questions *really* meant, but I think that's ok.

I got 2...

I'm quite proud.

At 3:36 am , Blogger wozza said...

i scored 30............. i don't know where i managed to foul up. possibly being independent minded did it....... but i'll have to look into it.

if i take the test again and pay more attention i might be able to get it down.

"my libertarianism is obvious" - but i don't yet bore my firends with it, apparently.

At 4:12 am , Blogger wozza said...

Doesn't this question - 'Should all legislation be replaced by judge-made law, arbitration, and other private rule-suppliers?' - basically mean 'should democracy be abolished?'?

i think thats the anarcho-capitalist thing kicking in to gear.

At 10:56 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

29, I'm a soft-core libertarian.

Well, I suppose I am a Lib Dem

At 4:34 pm , Blogger C4' said...

I got 67! Beat that you left-wing scum

At 11:15 pm , Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

This isn't a libertarian test of course, it's a Randian/Rothbardian test. These guys are upstarts, pretenders to the libertarian mantle.

This is more like it:


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