Monday, January 08, 2007

Comedy Tories

It is a guilty pleasure to read Tory websites where their activists come up with policy ideas aimed at ending their long exile from power.

Here is an unintentionally amusing discussion about the need to strengthen the family by promoting heterosexual marriage against leftists who are trying undemocratically to promote homosexuality, which is a deviant kind of sexuality and not the norm, but, errm, that doesn't mean that we are calling gays deviants, look, we are talking about pro-creation here and all the reports show that marriage is important. But all this discussion of sexuality is really secondary to the main issue of the tax burden, as the final poster explained. "That is not to say homsexuals do not have rights. Far from it. I have always been in favour of civil partnerships. The main reason for this has been inheritance tax."

Better still is the suggestion that we should spend £2 billion on a six week residential course for sixteen year olds teaching them how to use a knife and fork properly. No, really. "A key element of the ‘Finishing School’ would be etiquette. For example, I cannot be the only person that gets quietly infuriated at the way some people hold their knives and forks." This policy will apparently be 'extremely popular with Middle England'.


At 11:51 am , Blogger Praguetory said...

Glad you enjoy your guilty pleasures, Don. On the other hand, I would describe my frequent visits to Left-wing sites (with some notable exceptions) as an unpleasant duty.


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