Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Old Boy of the year

Only a few hours before the end of 2006, I heard the following Good Old Boy story.

A friend of a friend was renting a flat in Liverpool, and found that he had been overcharged in his council tax bill. He contacted the council to complain, and was assured that it would be sorted out. When it wasn't, he got irritated and decided that the best course of action was to take the council to the small claims court. As the council didn't contest it, he won his case. By this stage, the council had got round to paying back the amount he had been overcharged, but there werecosts from the court action. To recover the debt, balliffs were sent to one of the council offices on five separate occasions (on one occasion they were told that the debtor could not be identified, rather surprisingly as the debtor was the council and the balliffs were in a council building). Eventually, just before Christmas, the balliffs recovered the money, including their own costs, and the case ended.

I reckon that sending the balliffs round to the council to enforce a court judgement about having to pay too much council tax is pretty much living the dream for any Good Old Boy, and therefore I have no hesitation in awarding this gentleman the prize of Good Old Boy 2006.


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