Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Big Clunking Fist

Anyone who wants to read the Big Clunking Fist in action is encouraged to visit Idiots for Labour, which ended the year with a flurry of updates.

For what they think about Compass, see here

"Compass’s crime is not that it is a leftwing thorn in the government’s flesh: it is that it pretends to be but isn’t."

For Rhod on Public Affairs, see here (and here)

"One of the things that is both most predictable about a certain sort of person who thinks of themselves as on the left, is a combination of attacking the government (any government) for not having a proper analysis, and then showing clearly that they do not have one themselves. Such a one is Rhoderick."

For Mike Ion, see here

This last post is a particularly good example both of the Ion style of writing a brief article - the canonical Ionic Column, if you like, though hopefully it won’t end up as part of the design propping up the frontage of the British Museum - and of why it is such a complete load of nonsense

For Jane Griffiths, see here

"If we were Jane Griffiths, which perhaps fortunately we’re not (although one of us met her in a professional capacity in her GCHQ days), we’d occasionally wonder whether it should be a surprise that people don’t get in touch with you for a coffee and a chat about the larger market towns of the Thames Valley if you go round denouncing them and suggesting they are up to no good on your website. Perhaps something to think about, Jane?"

Idiots for Labour is invariably harsh, and occasionally unfair, but well worth a look if you haven't seen it before.


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