Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Expat Tories

Via Antonia, I found out about the weird and wonderful world of expat Tory bloggers today. Like most Tory bloggers, they are Very Angry about the most things, particularly the state of England, and don't even have day to day contact with how things actually are here to challenge their prejudices even slightly.

I don't recommend spending much time reading their stuff (that way lies madness), but to give an idea of the kind of contributions that they make to the common good, here is one complaining about the failure of newspapers to report allegations that John Prescott has a dossier about a love affair between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and here is one about how John McDonnell's policies are broadly similar to the BNP because they agree about restoring the link between pensions and earnings (there is a sort of acknowledgement that this is a load of shite later that day).

My favourite, though, is this one, a lengthy diatribe about how terrible it is that people are moving from the country they were born in to work in other countries...

...written by someone born in London and now living in Istanbul.


At 1:08 pm , Blogger snowflake5 said...

The interesting thing about most of the Angry Tory Ex-pats, is that they all claim to have moved abroad because of New Labour.

But of course people only leave their country if they think that current conditions at home are permanent - i.e. all these people think New Labour will be the permanent government and that there is no chance of a future Tory govt and hence no reason to stay!

It all makes me hugely cheerful about New Labour's prospects!

At 2:10 pm , Anonymous The Labour Humanist said...

If you look at the Daily Mail web site they now allow moderated comments on their stories. It is quite remarkable the number of raving right wing brit ex pats who applaud their stories usually with the line "political correctness gone mad". There seem to be a remarkable number of "patriots" who have left blighty for spain or florida

At 3:54 pm , Blogger Praguetory said...

The posts and comments will be useful recruitment material here in Prague. As with many other expats I visit the UK frequently, didn't leave because of Labour and think that going to other countries provides perspective. That many other expats are Tories shouldn't be something to congratulate yourselves about.


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