Monday, April 30, 2007

Lib Dems: Greens are a far left party who hate our freedom, want to abolish British nationality and stop you having children

The week before a closely fought election is not always a time of highly civilised and non-partisan debate. But the Green Party normally escape from the worst of the mud-slinging, with their 'nice' reputation and relatively low national profile.

The Liberal Democrats, however, are increasingly concerned that the Greens are taking support away from them. Rather than try to counter this by making the case for their environmental and progressive credentials, their strategists decided on a more promising approach - go negative. So over the weekend they have been putting out a specifically anti-Green leaflet where I live. Amongst other claims, it says that:

*The Greens want to abolish British nationality.

*You might like what they say about the environment, but what about their loony ideas on the economy and personal freedom?

*Some people say that the Greens are a 'Far Left' party - like Militant.

*The Greens can't win here - voting for them just helps Labour run the council.

*They support reducing the population, meaning less people can have children.

*They want to ban all traffic round Sefton Park.

Amusingly, the initial response I've picked up since this leaflet has gone out is that people who were wavering are now convinced that the Greens have a real chance, and so are switching from the Lib Dems to support them.


At 11:09 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...


we repeatedly stress our environmental and progressive messages, which are liberal as opposed to the greens' an active campaigner i am surprised that you do not see that a campaign usually contains positive and negative messages. indeed, having campaigned in elections from the opposite side from you i know full well that you appreciate the importance of both sides of the coin, so to speak. why shoul the greens be allowed to maintain an image which does not accurately reflect their positions and views? i think it's important that the electorate has all the information before they make their choice, don't you?

and finally i know that you know that much of those attacks are true. no disrespect to individuals within the green party, some of whom i like, but if they can put blatent lies on a leaflet, such as the lib dems being pro-id card, pro-war, and anti-pr (!) then i think it's completely fair enough to expose them for what they are.

take care, and life is treating you well,


At 12:47 pm , Blogger C4' said...

The Fib Dim's attacking the Greens for being a fascist and authoritarian party is another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

At 10:58 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

Patrick - these attacks are not fair, and you know it. They're the reason why everyone hates the Lib Dems. They're a nasty attempt - devoid of political content - to smear your opponents.

Any claim that starts "Some people say" may as well be ignored. The reality is that the Greens are an odd party who you could just as validly (if not more) describe as right-wing. And the first claim in particular is absolutely disgusting. If there was one thing that could be said in favour of the Lib Dems, it was that they don't usually seek to exploit issues of race and nationality for electoral gain. Now that can't even be said.

I'd like to make it clear that this comment is not intended to be nice towards the Greens in any way; it's simply motivated by the antipathy most people in political parties feel to Lib Dems because of the way they operate.

What is a real shame is that there are plenty of criticisms that can be made of the often absurd and frankly bonkers Greens, who like the Lib Dems use left cover to mask acting in purely middle class interests. But you don't make them, because Lib Dems are incapable of anything but crude negativity relying on the political naiveity of their middle class target audience.

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