Monday, June 18, 2007

Save Dave and the return of the rope

To help try to Save Dave, the Tories are having a discussion about the news that they are seen as much more right-wing than their leader. One Tory chose to challenge this stereotype by sharing one of his canvassing anecdotes:

"When I used to canvass for the party the standard routine was 'I'm calling on behalf of X your Conservative candidate. May we count on your support?' 'Yes', 'No' and 'I'll have to ask my husband' were the commonest responses. Has it really changed that much?

Exceptionally, I do recall once calling on a man who said 'I usually vote Conservative but I couldn't support your last candidate because he backed the return of capital punishment'
I had just handed him a copy of the flyer with the new candidate's picture on the front and I remembered with horror that on the back was a spiel in which he demanded the return of the rope.

I said 'I'm so sorry sir but I've got to hang onto that leaflet as it's my very last one' Fortunately, he handed it back without question, so hopefully we held onto that vote."

Phew! So if being right-wing isn't the reason why people stopped voting Tory (apart from the odd exceptional case who didn't want the return of the rope), what is?

"Putting aside the tree-hugging minority, younger professional people are like everybody else. They vote for the party which will put more money in their pockets. We lost their vote through economic incompetence. Sad but true."


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