Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Old Boy #33

One of the following statements is true, and one is not:

"There is no housing crisis. There is just a housing market. There is no housing “need”, unless you are sleeping in the street. There is just housing demand and housing supply...The assumption that every adult citizen has a “right to a decent home” that they can “afford”, courtesy of the government, must be the last hangover of postwar socialism and a brainless basis for policy." - Sir Simon Jenkins

"Simon Jenkins is a total wanker" - Alastair Campbell


At 2:00 pm , Blogger Matt Sellwood said...

NO! Agreeing...with...Alistair Campbell...brain....melting...NNNUUARRGGGHH!!



At 2:15 pm , Blogger Citizen Andreas said...

What Matt said...

At 11:11 am , Blogger C4' said...

"Alistair Campbell and Don Paskini are cunts!" - C4'


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