Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good Old Boy #38

A slight setback for the Green Party's 'community campaigning' :

Cllr Treehugger (Green) wrote to a resident of his ward, saying that he'd had complaints about the dustmen not clearing up after their collections, and asking for Mr A to keep an eye out and let him know if this was the case.

Mr A responded by saying that Cllr Treehugger was paid quite enough money to do this himself, and that it was about time he started doing the job he was paid to do. Mr A noted the leaves were not being swept up in the street, leaving old people to fall over and the NHS to incur costs, and Cllr Treehugger should sort this out. He also noted that some graffiti had not been removed, and a "no motorbikes" sign had not been installed, in spite of Cllr Treehugger's promises on his last walkabout.

Mr A is still awaiting a reply.

[names have been changed to protect the innocent]


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